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Intellectual masturbation: politics

Updated: May 17, 2022

In the last article we talked about Sex. Today, I'd like to talk politics. I've started to talk about tricky subjects.

European elections weekend.


I have this question: what to do?

Politics stops at a word for me. Indeed, I wonder about it, and don't see anything tangible. Yet it impacts our way of life.

Awareness and politics

Before I delve a little deeper into the subject, I would like to thank its presence in our vocabulary. Contemplating the concept of "politics", what it means and what it allows, leads us to become aware of many things about ourselves and about the real world (I don't use the word "world" to suggest that you re-question it). Like: I don't follow politics, I don't identify with it and, therefore, I don't take it personally.

In a way, its existence is not real.

Indeed, it is a concept.

When I say "its existence is not real", I do not denigrate it, I simply wish to raise its conceptual character, as a tool, and not essential=> essence => life.

Philosophy, spirituality, personal development VS Politics

I find it amusing that one can think of philosophy, spirituality, or personal development * as non-pragmatic intellectual distractions, of "fashions", unlike politics. But the latter is pure creation.

By focusing on personal development or spirituality, that is to say on the understanding of what we are, and what we perceive, we are not imagining.

We want to get closer to a perception of what is. We want to understand what is, right now, and act accordingly.

Concerning personal development: we observe where we are now, we ask ourselves how we would like to live, what is important to us and how to implement it from what we have.

For the spiritual, to act in alignment with who we are is an observation in fine. It happens naturally.

* I use the buzzwords, however I can't find adequate words to express this exploration of life, quest for meaning, knowing who I am, reaching out to be fully... It is always an experiment, not blah. The blabla allows us to exchange but it acts well beyond the words.


In this reflection I will not be interested in the etymology of the terms. Only what I perceive of politics now. Basically, I propose to talk about it as if the concept and its history were unknown to us. We define it, here, from our current observations.

I am, therefore, unaware of the definition of the term "politics" and what it is supposed to be.

What I observe:

  • As a citizen we focus on the opinion of other people (the candidates). Thus, we focus on the outside and the perception of another (this observation is valid in everyday life). A candidate exposes his vision of things, i.e. what he thinks is real. But this is totally his own. He/she does not describe Reality. He/she evokes his/her own, his/her dream. If he or she is aware of this, it is already something else. However, at present, it is a question of battle of perceptions. Everything is played to who is more right. They, they bicker about words, about concepts. Far from the real. They, they struggle with stories. It is me who is right! It is me who knows! Play ground.

  • Now let us ask: what is real? Who are we? Words, concepts? Why are we here? And if it was inside ourselves that we should dive to better understand ourselves and act accordingly?


From the moment each one experiences reality internally, it is personal to us. I am thinking in particular of the sphere of judgments and opinions. All that we choose to value, or not, in our experience is only personal. In reality things are. When we perceive reality as what Is, there is no good and bad, right and wrong.


To illustrate this point, it is as if I decided to give an opinion,

therefore a judgment, on what is real and that I share it with you.

First of all, we notice that what I am going to tell you is not a reflection of reality but has passed through my personal filter (if identified with the ego).

Then your senses, your brain etc. perceive this scene personally in two different ways.

By the senses and by your judgment. (I make the assumption that you are not enlightened of course - if this term does not mean anything to you, forget it).

Through your senses, your reality is your own.

By your identification and your judgment, to what is, you retain some things and not others.

In short, all your perception is influenced by: what you think you are, your agreements with yourself about what is true and what is not.

So, if I caricature, you are in your own world of perceptions and I am in mine. Of course, I invite you to explore this image and discover its limits ;)

By the way, this reflection applies to the blog. It is my own perception, I share it with you but I invite you to explore and discover things for yourself.

My point is: we consider politics, the opinion of some people, as the definition of our personal reality.

That doesn't speak to me at all.

WTF is that.

How to vote?

Vote for whom?

Let's put the previous suggestion aside.

Here I am with the envelope containing some of the candidates for the election.

First of all, WTF, they are not all present. That's a weird procedure. Nice fairness. Secondly, for your knowledge, I haven't watched the news in many years.

In my head: Choose someone close to my current thoughts and experiences

Such as: nature is not external to us. Our bodies and everything that lives in material form is intrinsically linked. This is not to say that "nature" cannot live without us.

It's more about listening to ourselves.

I know that I love nature and all life, that my "earthship" (I use this term because the word, body and meaning are reductive) is fully alive in a "wild" natural setting (without the intention of control over it).

Consciousness, the search for who we are, how we function, what our potential is, why we are here, what our relationship is with all things, etc are the very foundations of our existence.

Everything starts from there.

We forget why economic, political and other concepts were created.

We don't know anymore.

So we identify ourselves with them, thinking them to be our reality and our reason to live. We think they are us.

By undertaking, a return to the sources, to the relevant, to what is, pragmatism if you prefer, and not what we think is, everything changes.

This is the very basis of evolution.

Our current material reality is the manifestation of what we think we are, and what we think is true.

By focusing our attention on the outside (concepts, material events) and identifying with them, we become distracted, no longer aware of how it all works: the impact of our thoughts, are they our thoughts, are we our thoughts? etc.

- to explore.

Finally, I find myself wanting to choose a candidate, because well, whether I vote or not, someone will be elected, whereas I would rather vote for a system, a societal organization than for a "representative" person.

I would like us to focus on concrete solutions such as the elevation of our consciousness, the understanding of the sciences of the body (breathing, energy, thoughts,...), everything that shapes this material reality.

The candidates have not coherent proposals. I am confused. As for the choice of taxes, trade, and all the rest, it is beyond me.

Voting choices and my studies in economics

While studying economics, I realized that:

1. Economics is not politics. It is about equations.

2. the choice of variables is quite limiting. A choice implies a selection, therefore, a defined view. It is difficult to identify all the existing variables (they would have to be all conceptualized), and then to include them in the equation.

3. Thus, an economic decision is the result of a (limited) study or an opinion. In both cases it is an attempt (an essay) to define reality and a wish to predict. -> Difficult to envisage if one identifies with one's ego and with what one perceives.

A decision is made in an ever-changing interconnected environment.

Do you see where I'm going with this?

And even if it is about thinking about an organizational concept such as the economy! It is not because we have created this system that it does not depend on "natural laws" (I can only think of this term, so you get the idea).

Can we separate the system from what is?

Knowing that the system is created in what is and with what is?

This is, moreover, an explanation for the present deterioration of the environment. It was believed that a system could be created outside the "natural laws", completely above them and impervious to reality.

It is as if we had created a painting. Everyone is so captivated by the painting, thinking of themselves as the characters in the painting and its environment, that they forget they are in the museum room looking at the painting.

Something like that.

Anyway, I understand.

It's all right.

Only the present moment is.

The thoughts in this article are based on memory and a rational effort. But what matters to us, what matters to me (sorry), is to live now well. So I move on. I now define the reality I want. I live now what I want.

Everything is perfect.

I don't know what is possible and impossible.

I'm good right now.


Thank you for being

- Marie Mazeau certified teacher. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy in Paris and internationally online.


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