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Insights of the month

Updated: May 18, 2022

- Until, in the back of the head, the little voice sing : "Darling, you are missing everything.

Are you not trusting?"

In the article First podcast of the previous week I announced the launch of audio sharing on our Lifexploratrice soundclound page. Insights of the month tracks some intense emotions captured through words.


When the wind comes down to my hears,

For the first time, I feel it,

Dancing through the body,

A vivid, warmth, energy,

Chills are emanating from it,

More and more, I feel them.

More and more, they bring joy to every day,

Now, more than ever, every touch are waking up sensations.

They can come from everywhere and what it seems like nowhere.

Yet, here they are.

Beautiful lights of life.



" Rush rush rush.

Everything is not.

Only rush rush rush.

Until, in the back of the head, the little voice sing:

" Darling, you are missing everything.

Are you not trusting?"

Re-defining your reality?

" Love, peace, joy, calm, relaxed that is all there is in my mind.

I reject other forms of thoughts. I identify them as negative. By doing that, it is like as powerful as travelling. Your perception changes. It is like a new life, a new approach to life.

Thank you for all those powers.

Thank you. "


"[...] I felt the approach of an intense love.


Between the tears, I felt my fingers reaching for the path.

A serenity called me,

Hitherto fallen into the oblivion of unconsciousness."

"Honesty I must play,

Cards on the table.

I will go towards what I believe in the hope of getting closer to the divine.

[...] Time is short to immerse oneself in the timeless essence

- Paradox. "

" As I was wondering what to do. I took my courage and asked. I remembered that everything was possible and I could live how I want it."

"When an insight appeared,

That I will not go with companies and rather have fun discovering myself,

Fear and thoughts was not sure about it.

They created doubts, remorses, and worries.

Yet, when I look at them, they always change opinions.

However, inside, it is always the same. It is calm whatever is happening.

It is all about that switch,

Between inside and thoughts.

Which one do you choose?

Can the insight be trusted and thoughts discarded?

I trust.

Thank you."

Questions: How can we give when we are surrounded by the rich (materially)?

-Too rich to be in conscience.

How to be poor and rich spiritually, safe and protected by life?


Practice of meditation: yoga an art of living

"In the eyes of defeat success does not exist. Yet they are all together,

illusory at the same level,

Then the path to joy can be lived intensly or built by a trained switch of perception.

There is no key.

Nor there is a path.

Thaught, you can begin to ask yourself : Do I want to change? What do resonate in me that is not lived every day? What do I want to live? How do I want to live?

Then, put a part of your attention on it when trying to embody it by remembering how it feels

- The brain is not that much active consciously. It is more like: living in the present moment with full attention and, then, passing into something else by trusting the process.

I trust.

It feels like tinglings when learning to remember that it is a part of the Self.

Then, when the moment is appropriate, we open this window in our reactionary daily life. It feels like content in this case. I trust and it came.

Seeing that it is.

You continue this exercise. It is as if you are changing the dream. Not by its content, because I trust, but by its colors. At this point, you understand that you are a part of the creation.
By accepting: "I trust". Everything changes.

It feels exciting, hopefull and sometimes scary. Yet, again, I trust.


- Marie Mazeau Yoga teacher in Paris and online internationally. Beyond time and space. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy.


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