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How to approach meditation ? (part 3)

Updated: May 17, 2022

Here you are, at the third and last part (and not least) of the series "I have difficulties to meditate".

By reading these three parts, you can have a global vision of meditation.

The first are in french:

Part 1 : Je n'arrive pas à méditer

Part 2 : Quelle est la meilleure position pour méditer ?

The series cultivates this intention of reconnection, of internal exploration. It guides you through The Inner Garden.

It presents to you, the trees, the paths, the flowers.

Did you feel them? Did you touch them? Did you admire the sky, the pebbles, the insects, and the passing animals?

If you’re up for this ride, to explore its essence, you are in the right place.

This blog and shares (on the Lifexploratrice Facebook page, the Youtube channel Lifexploratrice, Instagram stories, podcasts) are reaching out to you.


In Vipassana teachings sensations and pains (because of staying long in a sitting position) are seen as a good sign. Indeed, they make it possible to acknowledge, especially the body.

That was for the #vipassanaapproach knowledge point.

During meditation you observe feelings. You look at them in the eye.

By doing this you will notice that what we consider being pain is a too reductive and limited way to approch sensations.

Indeed, we observe that there is nothing static in the body, even sensations.

They move! They move!

Appear and disappear!

Exactly like thoughts.

We understand that it is in haste that we tend to define them as unpleasant, a source of suffering...

In reality, it is not the case.

With the help of our meditative microscope, we realize that it is us who interpret sensations instead of approaching them as they are. That is, apparitions and disappearances, unique, new, at every moment.

Remember, your body is your Home.

This statement is maybe the first thing that I have realized while meditating and perhaps one of the reasons why I was so assiduous afterwards.

We have a home full of love and intelligence wherever we are.

An incredible source of divine energy.

Difficulties in letting go

Negative thoughts can appear druing meditation, such as judgmental ideas, beliefs...

Dear, that’s normal. That’s even OK.

This is the challenge of meditation.

Let yourself be guided by the trust that it is a restorative practice.

Whatever form it takes.

Have faith in just trying.

Just sitting down for a few minutes is already enough.

The simple fact of trying, landing every day regardless of its moods, sensations... will lead to a really profound technique of your own.

You will develop an ultra nice quality discipline, structure and listening.

Meditating as you can, every day, will allows you to develop your own techniques and pallets of daily tools.

They will be most effective as they will come from internal understanding and intuitive development.

It is an approach.

Then, being conscious of resistances is very useful.

The more precise and conscious you will be, the easier you will overcome them.

If you feel too much resistance, without the possibility to transcend it, I will tend not to advise to practice the method in question.

You have to cultivate an open heart to welcome everything that can come up.


It is okay to be in/with thoughts.

Make peace with them, observe them, smile at them. Love them.

During meditation and daily.

Naturally, it becomes clearer and clearer.

More and more you observe, understand, more and more you will see how pointless it is to give them your attention.

Because your comprehension is sharpened it is easier to look away.


Meditation Is, at anytime, anywhere, during any activity, always.

In the same way, your daily investigations will help you to meditate more profoundly.

It is okay.

It is doing nothing.

It is seeing things for what they are and not what you want them to be or what you think they are.

As we water a plant every day, we meditate every day.

You can see these introspective practices as the cultivation of an indoor garden.

Everyone’s garden is intertwined.

Yet, daily activities must not be neglected.

Every moment is a portal.

Every moment is a key.

Every moment, regardless of its content, has to be cherish.

Do not under estimate the power of observation and of coming back To the Presence.

All contenant/manifestation is as the same scale.

Breathing is your bridge.

Cross it regularly.

Enjoy the promenade.

The key is in you at every moment, second, minute, hour, day.

All perception is new and unique.

A moment appears and disappears.

You have more lives than you think, more fields of action as well.

Be fully aware of each moment.

Trust You and your ability to recognize it

(practice is here for that).

Don't give up this power of yours to anyone and anything / concepts / practices.

You need all your attention / spiritual energy for your direct experience.

Remember, you cannot do it wrong.

The time you are taking for self-inquiry is creating a space in you.

This same space will set your freedom right in track.

It is the creation of this space (which is only revealed in reality) that allows us to act being conscious.

Automations dissipate, we have more freedom to act, to choose our reactions according to what is felt in us and in our environment.

We have a different connection with reality, closer to who we are.

By having a better understanding, we identify less and less with sensations, thoughts, where anxiety and depression arise among others

(I quickly move on these subjects because I would have to write articles for each of them).

This space changes our perception of time. It slows it down.

It is like we have the power to click on pause on the stage.

We create a conscious space.

We develop lucidity.

Our energy changes.

We are on a new frequency .


One with the breath,

See you soon

-Thanks to Reverso's contribution-

- Marie Mazeau certified teacher. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy in Paris and internationally online.


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