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How is it dancing at parties ?

Updated: May 17, 2022

Did you already felt what music and dance can release in you ?


“Music is something quite extraordinary. It moves the air, tingles your ears. An entire environment is created. Emotions change, everything vibrate at a certain frequency. And damn it is orgasmic”

Poemes- parties:

When the adrenaline takes you,

You no longer understand

The why of the how

We laugh, you live,


By who knows what.

----No reason----

Everybody dance

With the lights going throw their bodies

And music inside their ears.

They only want to live throw it,

To do one with the rhythm.

At the end it is quite powerful.

At night,

Not really,

In Paris.

The music

Full the body

The lights!

I lose my bearings!

The desire takes me

-To dance

As long as I want to surprise

-To let myself

To be carried and to return

In trance

Among this emptiness

And this full.

The evening:

The lights set up

A forgotten party rule

On time you arrived

The dance

Doesn't start

Only four hours later.

-Special atmosphere

The energy used in the parties

Is to be questioned.

Is it pioneer

To use

of so many effects?

In the cities

A waking dream

Is now possible.

Shadows meet.

-A gathering point

Space of sounds,

Of lights,

Of energies, of smiles

In unison

Almost in euphoria

Side by side

-Collective orgy

Hand in hand


Music on

-Kissing, kissing

Orgy being appreciated

The boom boom

Rhythms our feet.

The derivatives

Guide our thoughts.

The idea is to have fun

Until we can't move anymore.

It is the Hue,

My heart is in a panic

My body thinks only of vibrating

Until I can't think anymore.

Mist of colors

Violet, blue, green

Spreading over a beach

Of people in shipwrecks.

Beyond the worlds

That of the night

Is a very particular one

We come here to dance, to flirt, to forget

To anaesthetize the body and the spirit,


Hold on to your seat

Open your eyelids wide

You will see what you want to see.

Let yourself be guided by the din

Be amazed by the flow of lights.

Feel that you are one

Your feet firmly planted.

Breathe as if the air

Is a most delectable dish.

From look to look,

Their instruments in hand

Silence in the noise.

From a mutual agreement

Transformed air,


Upset environment.

What a pleasant show!

Where are the seats

That I contemplate these hands waving against the keys?

Making the strings vibrate

of this object

So adored by the cooing crowd.


Across the seas

In this space,

Or rather, palace.

It's like flying among the planets.

Like Rick and Morty.

I close my eyes

And let my body

Mold itself to the sounds that surround it.

Tape Tape.

The room nicely decorated

Of garlands of lights

Tangled among the cobwebs.

The candles and sparks

Circulate from hand to hand,

From soul to soul.

The formula is given

And promises a delicious evening.

Transcendant l'air,

Ils s'embrassent à n'en plus finir.

Dans le brouhaha

Environnement naturel

Où l'oxygène n'est plus.

L'envie de figer cette image...

To the sound of the flute.



Claps, Claps, Claps,

Zoubi, Zoubi.

The almost static feet

The body tries to mingle with the environment,

Anything but natural.

Dance, solo memento.

Couple stuck'serré

Hand on this body so desired,


They are out of the lot.

Their bodies moovent without equal.

Blue neon cocoon.

It is not so late,

We all dance as one

Expressing what usually can't be expressed in words.

Sitting, standing.

Flowers dancing among the songs.

Some touching each other,

Others meeting each other's eyes.

Spreading their light in the darkness.

In the too much or the not enough.

Cradles my heart,

Flutter and gambit in the air.

To the monotonous rhythm.

Liveliness, timelessness,

Thrown of feet.

Dancing applause,



Zombies of colors.

Blue, pink, red,

Variation of tonalities,


Space of conspiracy,


Organized place

They found themselves


Smoke in the nose.

Small lamp lit

On the burst people.


Cap on the nose.

Friends found.

The poetess what-

When the air came to miss

Wounded, tired, irritated

A place out of fairy tales.

Of a cheerful soul welcomed jazz with full ears.

Between these icy walls

Travelled the animated crowd

Of transcended humans.

Super power-

Of its fatal weapon

Blood red

He enjoys the sound of his instrument.

At his side

The man with the djembe

With a cheerful air

Admires the crowd dancing.

At his side

With his articulated hands

Tapping his feet

Enjaillé on the keyboard

pierce the air

of its vibrations

Traveling to the bodies of each

To become one

-A fatal weapon is deployed in a flurry.

The room touched, intoxicated



Gesticulates until it loses its mind.


Whirlwind of humans

Flying on the ground.

The air at their fingertips

They vibrate to the rhythm of life.

The colors intermingle

The smiles wake up.

To form only one intoxicated whole.


- Marie Mazeau certified teacher. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy in Paris and internationally online.

Bonus: A video that i made with a part of these poems:


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