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How is discipline a friend in Yoga? #yoga

Updated: May 17, 2022

"The Importance of Discipline"


This brings us to the first part of the third point of the list (read the list: What lessons can we learn from creating a project ?): discipline.

In the course of our exploration we are invited to re-appropriate the term discipline.

At first it may seem cold, hard, severe, too violent for our nature, imposed. We can also see the victim-submissive pattern.

Then we rediscover it in Yoga.

Discipline is no longer something against us but for us. And not because we are told to or strongly believe in it, but because we experience it that way.

There are petals of well-being beyond all expectations and preconceptions.

Yoga is to have fun in uncertainty, exploration, adventure in the depths of perception*.

We call "perceived" everything we observe through the prism of the mind.

Little by little we are led to differentiate between what we take for reality, which is only thoughts, and what is there, here and now.

It is a long way to appreciate this nuance, to become familiar with it.

Discipline is key in this exploration.

Discipline manifests itself in various forms that I may one day detail.

In the same way that we mentioned the indoor garden in the last article, a garden is regularly maintained.

Particularly that of self-inquiry.

Yoga delivers universal practices and perspectives in order to relearn everything, or more precisely to unlearn everything in order to better reconnect and discover oneself.

We reboot (reset) a whole system. It takes time and requires a great dose of willpower.

5 minutes of meditation, done every day, has a greater impact on your quality of life than meditating for 1 hour once a month.

I will come back to this aspect of meditation in more detail in future articles or sessions.

It is easy to realize the relevance of this "exercise of the will" on a daily basis.

Like a muscle we need to train it to move from thinking, fantasy to action.

Happiness of the week : reading the answers to the questionnaire What is Yoga for you ?

(sorry it is in french haha)

It says basically that : " Lifexploratrice is unique. We feel that it is a way of life, a self-inquiry that is presented. It is obvious that " Lifexploratrice is living the Yoga", that it is not just a hobby or a work. And the spiritual approach is not the one that we see the most related to Yoga (lot of fashion, sport, health, lifestyle)."

Even if the person wrote after that : "the posts are centred on Lifexploratrice's vision on Yoga. It can be through citations, art, poses, meals, blog posts... there is a variety of content, it is complete. It question life and the place of spirituality".



- Marie Mazeau Yoga teacher in Paris and online internationally. Beyond time and space. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy.


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