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First Yoga class

Dernière mise à jour : 3 juil. 2023

Students who come to a session for the first time and have no previous experience may find that they spend a precious moment of laughter, calm and discovery at the Lifexploratrice sessions.

Beyond the poses

Because, to their pleasant surprise, the sessions are not about physical performance, poses' goals or sportive intensity.

They focus on simplicity, lightness and consciously letting go..

Adapting and listening

The sessions are guided for all ages from 15 to 90+.

Anchored in care and intuition, they encourage you to trust yourself, to listen to yourself and to adapt the practice to your body. There is no question of pushing or forcing your body.

Through laughter and a zen atmosphere, the postural indications are explained and guided, always giving priority to your own listening and feelings.

Full consciousness and exploration

It is a moment out of time, where you come to listen to your body, to reconnect with yourself, to cultivate letting go, perspective, concentration, joy, and physical, emotional and energetic health.

Guided by a curiosity to explore, ground, question, rediscover and rediscover life.

Marie Mazeau, Lifexploratrice, professeur de Yoga certifiée à plein temps à Paris, spécialisée dans des séances douces, joyeuses, pédagogiques et méditatives en ligne, en one to one, en associations, entreprises et studios.



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