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Feedback 30 days challenges (level 5) ?

Updated: May 17, 2022

After climbing 4 mountains of challenges. Here we are at mountain number 5.

It will challenge our mind, our habits, our comfort, our beliefs. From it, we will emerge stronger. It will reveal our limits and teach us to surpass them. We will have the honor to discover their benefits, to finally...appreciate the challenges.

This level is composed of 5 challenges:

1. meditation on compassion and love

2. cultivating positivity (how and what to thank daily)

3. meditate 1 hour a day

4. use our reactions to develop compassion during the day

5. realize the relevance of responsibility on all aspects of our life.

In this article we will look at the pre-challenge preparation phase, what is the Challenge 1 and my feedback.



Level 1-2: Monkey mind and Beginner mind

Level 3: Quiet Mind

Level 4: Awakened Minded

Methode for successful challenges: blog's article


Pre-adventure preparation:

Before embarking on these 30 days challenges, we want to make sure that we will be able to pass all the tests.

To do that, we need to set the stage.A few days or a week before we start reading the challenges, we build a travel card.

With a white sheet, a pencil, we list them. Below each of title, we draw 30 small circles (31 if you like to surpass yourself).

We anticipate the blues, the excuses and prepare nice sentences of motivation, encouragement for our future self.


Almost ready , we have two more points to check.

The first one: Do I remember each challenges?

During these 30 days we must have the challenges in mind. To plan our day in function for example. To do this, we book, before starting, a day or a week to memorize them.

The second one: do I have the conviction that I am ready ?

Last check...abut not least. To pass all the tests in 30 days we must be sure that our body and mind are ready to accompany us in the adventure. We want all our components to give us their agreement (this point will be more relevant at the last level). In other words, we use our intuition. We start when we feel a clear answer, like: "yep, it’s okay, I am ready. Easy peasy these 30 days".

- It is more a feeling than a thought but no way to illustrate it otherwise. -

It can take a few days, sometimes weeks, a month, to get that certainty.

Challenges level 5:

1. Meditation on love, compassion - 20 minutes a day

Disclaimer: When I wrote this article I realized that I had only done 20 minutes a day instead of at least 25 minutes according to the #highexistence guidelines. Ouppssi, the big fail #pointnumber1. Don’t panic. I’ll add it to the list of the next challenges. So I am back for 30 days.

Well, now that cards on the table have been laid, let’s look at the challenge's method and my feedback.

The method

It is about giving 20 minutes a day to meditate from the heart. We send vibes of love, compassion, peace and joy to our loved ones, less close to us, etc.

I followed a particular technique for this. It is also called Metta meditation. Metta means benevolence in Pali according to this article.

We meditate on loving thoughts and wishes at the address of:

1. a person you love.

(it is not obligatory to choose a particular person. It is enough to reconnect with a feeling of deep love, for life for example).

2. to yourself.

Basic principle. To express a deep and free love it is necessary to recognize it in yourself.

3. to a "neutral" person. Passers-by, caretaker of your building, cashier, neighbour, etc. A person for whom you do not feel animosity, for whom you cultivate a great deal of openness and compassion.

4. a difficult person. It may be someone in your entourage with whom you have trouble communicating, conflicting relationship etc or who is in need of nice energies.

During those 30 days I relied on this video:

PS: I would like to propose one of this style on the Lifexploratrice channel but cooked with my sauce.

Effects of 30 days

Disclaimer: it’s hard for me to know what habit impacts what exactly in my daily life.

I have developed a number of them since the challenges.

On the other hand, I test a lot of methods, techniques over months.

First mental barrier to overcome: it was not with joy and openness that I anticipated this exercise.


It is so nice, you are telling lovely words, intentions, to the world and your fellows human! Yes and no.

What triggered me about this method is that it does not correspond to my daily practices. From the perspective that suits me most, meditation is not used to generate thoughts however beneficial they may be. This can be done in the form of affirmations, newspapers, etc. By meditating we learn to observe things as they are and more, we explore ourselves. So briefly, this mental limitation made the exercise unattractive.

However, once crossed (as always don’t believe your own bieliefs, they are still thoughts, perspectives no better than others one) I was able to observe its benefits:

  • I cultivated loving words and thoughts. These came naturally to me. It was in posterriori that I noticed how great my exchanges were going smoothly.

  • opening/stimulation of the heart chakra. I refer to the subtle energy "domain" here if it speaks to you. In short, it is the energy of courage, of action, of openness.

Here it is for the first challenge of 30 days, next week I will introduce you the other 2 and, finally, the last of this level in 2 weeks.

(the article was too long otherwise).

I hope this motivates you or helps you to see things more clearly,

With all my love.


- Marie Mazeau certified teacher. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy in Paris and internationally online.


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