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Detachment and self-inquiry

Updated: May 17, 2022

When you feel stress or anxiety (whichever term you use most)* you feel disconnected.

You feel that no one can help you.

That feelings, life is out of your control.

In this case, we feel exhausted, exhausted, abused by existence.

* I explain the difference between stress and anxiety in the dedicated coaching program. Many people talk about stress when it comes to anxiety for example.

One of the notions explored in Yoga concerns the quality of detachment. That is to say, the prioritization of action, if action is possible, and of letting go of any results, predictions, assumptions.

It is about being comfortable when one cannot act. Or again, to be anchored, in consciousness, in the moment.

This anchoring recognizes the perfection and wonder of life as it is, in its essence.

I explain this notion and how to develop this faculty during coaching sessions. I offer perspectives, explain their relevance and how to put them into practice. Personal development and self-inquiry coaching focuses on the most relevant qualities to develop in order to explore one's potential, to live more ease, anchored.

I will soon unveil the new form of the programs and their content on the dedicated page. However, I will always favor personalized and adapted support for each person. Thus, it can change from one person to another.

By this choice, I privilege the efficiency and the optimization of the opportunities presented.

In order for these sentences not to be idealistic or abstract blabla it requires introspective and contemplative practice.

We conclude far too quickly that when something seems impalpable to us, far from our experience it cannot be "true", or "real". We reject it because it seems to us non pragmatic or accept it as poetic, exotic, matter to be philosophized between friends...

However, we know very little about life, some illustrate it by the percentage of 1%.

1% of understanding or knowledge on the components of the real (let us not even talk about the essence of the real).

I let you deduce the obvious.

It is not because we do not see something or we do not experience it in our lives that it is not real. A judgment towards other perspectives simply proves our fear, skepticism towards the unknown, the uncertain, the possible. It does not make them any less real.

In Yoga we will be interested in experimentation, in exploring the possible.

Without pretending to understand or know everything, we will try to open ourselves to the 99% that remain.

Happiness of the week of the Lifexploratrice project :

The support expressed and demonstrated towards the Lifexploratrice project, thank you.

The smiles and laughter of the clients who welcome you to their home for a yoga session.

The free time to meditate, practice, read, learn a new language, contemplate.

The friends who make big decisions about how they want to live and what they want to live.

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- Marie Mazeau Yoga teacher in Paris and online internationally. Beyond time and space. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy.


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