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An ideal job

Updated: May 17, 2022

Because I don't want to write a second article on this subject. I'm taking the liberty of making it a little longer than usual.

I am oscillating between different points of view.

The most obvious one from a societal point of view and from a so-called survival point of view (check article 1.How to live differently) is to find a job in a pre-defined position and among a constructed hierarchy. Everything is already designed, I just have to take my place in a box. I would like to stress the aspect of having to adapt, define and identify with something that is not me (since it is pre-constructed) instead of being who I am and creating from that.

Thus, the other option would be to deny this false sense of certainty maintained by obtaining such a job and to create my own way of living by monetizing part of it in order to have money (pieces of paper and digital values) as a means of exchange.

Choice 1: follow pre-defined choices: the obvious, the certain, the common

Let's consider that parents, societal pressure (or the choice of conformity), fear is the only, relevant, lucid, and wise way to approach life. By this I mean that having obtained a Master 1 I need to finish the Master 2 (while we're at it), that finding a job and conforming is the only way to guarantee my survival (financial independence,...).

I'm already stopping.

Focus on:

- the term "guaranteeing": we come back to this idea of certainty. To imagine that life can be certainty, that it can guarantee us things, that it is possible to control it in short.

- the term "financial independence": Laugh. Laughing. Laugh. Who is the person speaking of financial independence who does not use any bank, any subsidy, any monetary help of any kind from his fellow human beings, and who does not carry out actions whose motor and original idea was to earn money? Let's forget about this term of independence, it doesn't make sense.

Parenthesis clause.

In this case, if the choice, or the non choice is not possible. I share with you my "improved" vision of the concept of work accepted as the current collective truth.

What I would like the concept of work to contain:

step back

To help sustain life

This is very vague in purpose, as it is subjective and difficult to list, as everything is linked. For example, I would like to participate in the protection of trees, nature and animals, this being linked to human relationships, to the development of consciousness, to the relationship that each person has with himself and thus to life. Thus, to intervene in the development of consciousnesses would also suit me.

Adapting to human life

It is about the famous "present moment". To live with what is and not through the imagination. Let me explain, stop over-anticipating, stop projecting, stop constantly striving for goals (so that the goals become more real and important than the actions to be taken now to achieve them), stop multitasking (no, this is not a quality you want to develop since it doesn't exist - go check the researches showing the impact on your brain in terms of stress and life satisfaction and the inefficiency that this habit induces) It's just not productive at all.

Human relations

Then, hello, to the human relations placed in the center of the working group. How can we help others if we don't want to improve the way we live? For example, emotions are. It's OK to cry, it's OK to break down, it's OK to feel frustrated, it's OK to be afraid, it's OK to feel inadequate, it's OK to laugh, and so on. The art of communication and conversation being tools that always intrigue me, I will not develop this aspect. Since they still remain a mystery to me.

Besides, does hierarchy allow for fulfillment? I don't think so... I am much more comfortable when everyone is considered as a human being, as a partner, with their ideas and perspectives exchanged without fear and considered by all.

Quality of work

Finally, we could call it Quality of work. This aspect is linked to all the other 'races'. It would be a question, here, of taking into account the health of the work groups. I won't go into detail. Easy peasy to find out about it.

It is a question of respecting the 8 hours of sleep per day, of allowing everyone to eat as they wish. How do I do it when the whole team goes to eat at the restaurant and I eat vegetarian, as local and organic as possible?

It is a question of guaranteeing autonomy of work to those who ask for it. Everyone is different in terms of their way of working and learning, so I think it is necessary to allow this freedom.

The possibility to move. I don't feel healthy and fit when I sit in a chair from 8am to 8pm. Let's not talk about the mental capacities that this induces=> None, see, I have the impression to decrease (not quantifiable bra, only way to speak).

A support to the will to work on one's mental health. Meditation being one of the existing practices (there are others 'course).

A challenging job

An adaptation of the position to my potential and interests. I want to learn and grow. Counter-examples: routine, mainly automatic tasks, not requiring any reflection or analysis, no opportunity to work in uncharted territory (public speaking, other ways of working, other visions, other fields...), use of one tool only (computer), limited opportunities for mistakes (mistakes being the guarantee of yolo learning), no encouragement and, support of the group to my potentials and interests, no openness, no possibility for self-exploration (developing one's consciousness) and therefore of others.

I would like it to be recognized that going on a meditation retreat, or other ways of being guided to the essence of who I am, is part of the whole. That in doing so, I am improving my relationship with myself, and therefore with others, that I am learning to use my brain capacities and, thus, that this is directly related to the way I approach life, or the way I live, and therefore to the "work" I do. Thus, I will go so far as to no longer use this notion of work, but I will speak of a self-realization. It would be a matter of reaching out to who we are and to do so in an environment that is conducive to the development of our consciousness.

Needless to say, I don't go into detail. But it also implies that creativity should be placed at the center. The environment I describe is conducive to its cultivation and should be open to all.

The concern for the alignment of each person with their actions

It is about making sure that everyone is in line with their intuitions and values. You don't need to give an example. As soon as you act according to your intuitions/values it is as if you remove barriers and reduce that feeling of strangeness, of the world not fitting you or you not fitting the world.

To conclude,

The notion of being in full consciousness and thus seeing what is for what is would be a pillar. That everyone can be what they are and that each action is carried out in the present moment. It would not be a matter of living in anticipation and in worry or concern or fear.

From now on, I will replace the word "work" by the words "development of consciousness", "my way of living", "ability to be mindful" etc.

I do not wish to choose a box and identify myself with a role predefined by society. I simply wish to be. In this vision, the society would create itself, the definitions would not be, the titles would not exist. There would just be people in total consciousness of themselves, in peace with who they are and what is. From then on everything would create itself. Where does this low confidence in human capacities come from? When each person is, he/she spontaneously and naturally does what speaks to him/her (drawing, painting, research on a particular subject,...). Thus, each one is at his full potential, each one contributes fully to his creation (by "his creation" I mean the subjective perception that you have of your life). By living in the present moment everything is done.

Damn I can't explain it. It's hard.

I hope this sharing helps you see things differently. It's hard for me to put it into words because it's in the experience that you realize that it's self-evident. It's an experience I'm talking about. A way of living. I can't intellectualize it any more than I just did. And that frustrates me a lot. A LOT.

Thank you


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Books: Zen Buddhism by Alan Watts, I AM THAT by Nisgaradatta Maharaj, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

Quotes from people who master the game:

Nikojive on the High Existence blog

"It is a call for a higher existence-one in which we become more whole, as we explore and familiarize ourselves with the unknown corners of our inner landscape."

"Initially it has nothing to do with becoming responsible to others, but about honoring the life inside me that wants to be lived. For only by responding to that can I truly become responsible and trustworthy unto others."

  • Ryan Muirhead (High Existence blog)- Became a photographer after taking his first photo at age 30.

"It has only recently started to excite me. For the longest time it was just terror. I grew up with structure, and expectations, and plans of how things should go. So up until I was like 30, things not going as planned scared the hell out of me. And I’ve just started to have this little switch. With art, it’s like sure, nothing is right, but you start having meaningful experiences that reveal who you really are, instead of who you thought you were going to be or who you were expected to be. All of a sudden, you think maybe this is exactly the life you wanted. Maybe you didn’t want to know any of that before. But now it makes sense to just go out and connect with people, or do things that are personally meaningful, or travel and not have a plan."

- Marie Mazeau certified teacher. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy in Paris and internationally online.


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