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9 points to know if a Yoga place is nice for you

Updated: May 17, 2022

What I will consider, in 9 points, to know if a studio/retreat/isolated place is nice, welcoming for u to practice or a harsh lesson on what u want and don't (wich is part of the process too) :

1. Look for something that resonates in ur heart. Do not question ur first strong intuition, feeling. Except if it is based on judgement and not on what is best for u.

2. Ask them what is Yoga for them, are they rejecting what Yoga really is about ? What is their degree of comprehension and openness ? Is there aversion or an open discussion, welcoming ?

3. What values do they teach in their class ? Are they bringing you In, closer to yourself, relaxed, and Joyfully explore ? Is it about the body or an inner exploration ?

4. Do they support different styles, teachings ? Do they recognize their value ? Do they impose how a teacher must teach ?

5. How much do they use concepts ? Do they presents, explain them and how you could use them ? Or is it about belief ? Do u feel comfortable ? Do u feel open and ready to take it as a learning experience taking what serve you and throw the rest out ?

6. Are they worshipping a certain image, teacher, Guru with pictures in the studio? In that case maybe it is best if you have an interest or an appealing to it. If it is not something that resonates...maybe move on. Don't force yourself into stuff that don't resonate.

7. Are u biased thinking that it must be an Indian teacher ? Or that he.she must have had yeaars of teaching from the most known schools ? ? Yoga isn't something that you study like in school. It is an inner process that can be quick or not.

8. Are they encouraging ur freedom ? Are they benevolent, compassionate or do they judge openly what they perceive of u ? Telling u you are wrong, bad and should become smthing else?

9. Is ur autonomy important for them ? Do they put confidence in your inner guidance too ?

Ooookay, that is nice for today. I will write an other one with more aspects to consider.

Aware, Lifexploratrice

- Marie Mazeau Yoga teacher in Paris and online internationally. Beyond time and space. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy.


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