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4 incredible things you don't know about you.

Updated: May 17, 2022

Today you are.

And although it may seem annoying, unpleasant, basic, common, restricted, frustrating, ok, common, exciting, source of suffering, cogitations.

You are.

And that is something.

1. You are so marvelous so that descriptions, thoughts about who you are or how you should be, lose their meaning.

Nisargadatta Maharaj (the source of the contents of the book I AM THAT, which I always recommend with my eyes closed) used to say that it is strange to ask, why is life necessary if it doesn't for sure have a purpose or meaning?

He illustrated this by saying something like: "Do you wish to take away the possibility of life from any element of nature just because there is not necessarily a purpose to its existence?".

For example, when you visualize a plant growing.

It is beautiful.

The wonderful goes beyond the plant itself. It is the energy of the sun, the fertility of the earth, the insects and animals, the human energy, in contemplation and gratitude, letting this wonder unfold.

An infinite intelligence, unifying, in the sense that it is the essence of all life, neither differentiating nor categorizing the forms it takes.

Everything is created and destroyed in the moment.

Here and now.

Of course, the mind passed through there.

Out of curiosity,

To learn, first of all, and then, to reassure oneself in a second time.

Forgetting that any meaning we can give, any process we can describe, is not the truth.

We have constructed these meanings, explanations and concepts ourselves.

Sometimes we get bogged down in them,

In a flow of thoughts,

Conscientious or not,

Until you left a great portion of our soul,

The wonderful.

So let us remember the beauty that expresses itself through oneself and all life.

2. Having no description, the infinite possibility expresses itself through you and everything.

I let you contemplate this.

To contribute, according to your resources, to help the blog and the creation of new projects via paypal.

3. Being part of this intelligence, which can be called life, universe or other, you are connected to everything that is.

To be aware of the essence of life in all things, and first and foremost in oneself, is to accept its contractions and expansions that are elusive to the unsharpened eye. It is to let one express its art piece whatever it is, beyond any judgment, on everything that is perceived, of ourselves, of others, of the environment. It is to open up to a wider, more lucid, clearer understanding.

It opens up perspectives. Especially in the most extreme moments, of suffering or bliss, of clairvoyance.


Here I am calming down,

I feel the calm.

And joy.

Only one member among the earthly body.

Participating like every other member,

Interconnected with them.



It is not all on your shoulders, you're supported.

Oh, yeah.

4. Your potential extends beyond this same intelligence.

Intriguing, is not it?

The possibility, truth for others, of something beyond words, concepts, ideas, thoughts and discoveries. A beyond all identifications, understandings, attachments, fears, pleasure, desire. A beyond encompassing and infinite expansion. A beyond of the idea of creation, not creation...

- Marie Mazeau Yoga teacher in Paris and online internationally. Beyond time and space. Guiding with gentleness, mindfulness and Joy.


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